My fifth pipe reloaded. Work in Progress.

My fifth pipe was a horn made from a predrilled kit. A guy from a spanish pipe forum wanted to buy it, but the holes where not well done (in fact the kit arrived with a small disaster done at the bottom of the chamber) and I said I won’t sell it (well… I never sold any pipe until now).

I said to him I would give it for free. I was not happy with the mouthpiece of the kit and when I did the pipe I didn’t tried to modify any stem yet.

I’m not very good doing it yet, but I wanted to replace the stem and changed also the staining of the pipe. I’m more happy with the result now but still I won’t mark this one as one of my pipes due to the imperfections in the drilling of the piece.

I will post better photos tomorrow.

Finishing the shape of the saddle with the sandpaper:


Staining done. Polish missing. At this step I was thinking about bending the stem:viewer-7

Polishing done and mouthpiece finished. Only wax is missing:viewer-8


Joan is smoking today Martín Micalet + Escudo.

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