My first pipes.

I’m Joan Cantó and I’m not a third generation pipe maker.

I’m just a professional photographer from Catalonia who smokes pipes. Just before the birth of my son, i decided to put a bit of order on my job and I bought a new studio. The restoration of the place took more time than I expected and it gave me one month of forced retirement.

I was bored at home (since I have my son I never have been bored again) and decided to make a pipe for myself. I readed some studd from internet and bought two predrilled kits from J. Soler, here in Catalonia. I bought also a drill and some sandpaper and, voilà. I had my two pipes done in few time. They are very bad ones, but I keep them at home as they were the beggining.

After that, I entered to a pipe smokers forum (Rincón de la Pipa) and tried to learn more from there and share the exercises to know their opinion. It helped to me a lot.

Then I bought 4 more kits also from Soler and then I decided to do the next step and do my pipes from 0.

My small workshop:


These are my first pipes from predrilled kits:

1st: (26-sep-2012)



2nd (27-sep-2012)


3rd (28-sep-2012)



4th (3-oct-2012)


5th: (7-oct-2012)


Joan is now smoking: Savinelli Odeon billiard + Dunhill Early Morning.

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