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Portrait of Cantó by Simon Oxley.


I live in a tiny rural village from Catalonia, the old Europe. When I’m not making pipes in my workshop, I’m a commercial and advertisement photographer. Basically, I’m a photographer making smoking pipes. It started as a hobby at the end of 2012 but sometimes I suspect that I expend more time on pipes than on photos. Actually, my pipe making workshop has grown until being as big as my photo studio already. Maybe I’m developing a problem. Maybe I’m developing a new job

I make the pipes that I like to smoke. Classic lines with a contemporary perspective, with all the attention on details and balance. I think that good lines, proportions and good finish are the best decoration for a pipe. The black shiny high grade ebonite and the simple combination of the cumberland looks better for me than any other colorful stem material. I only sell pipes that I would buy, and I only buy pipes that I love. Maybe it makes me a bit difficult for comissioned works but makes me happy every time I finish a pipe.

Hope you enjoy my pipes as much I enjoyed making them.

-Joan Cantó

Note: Currently I’m not accepting more comissions except if they are really exciting pipes that fit on my preferences. The best way to have a Cantó Pipe is to follow my updates and then being the first one asking for a pipe once it’s finished or during the making process. I post my daily work and making ofs on facebook and instagram, so that’s the best way to know what I’m working on right now.


EMAIL: info@joancanto.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/cantopipes

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/cantopipes