Tobacco reserve.

These are the tobaccos that I have at home right now.

I try not to have too much open cans at the same time. I only soke one or two pipes at day so I have to keep them carefully closed. And the best way I know is not to open them 🙂


-Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake (2 cans)

-Capstan Gold (1 can; I gave it to my neighbour yesterday with a pipe I did for him)

-Reiner blend n.71 Long Golden Flake (1 can)

-Escudo (1 can), Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bull’s eye Flake (50 gr)

-Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning (1 can)

-C&D Kajun Kake (1 can)

-Peretti Park Square (1 pipe remaining)

-Esoterica Tobacciana Penzance (1,5 cans)

-C&D Pirate Kake (1 can)

-C&D Mississippi Mud (1 can)

-Balkan Sasieni (1 can)

-Dunhill Standard Mixture (2 cans, one of them too old)

-Dunhill Early Morning (2 cans)

-Peterson Old Dublin (1 can).

Some samples from friends (they are trying to convince me that some aromatics are amazing, but it’s not working:

-Dunhill a-21000

-Nat Sherman 314.

-C&D Autumn Evening

-Peretti Black Virginia (the only one I enjoyed from them).

As you can see, I’m very classic on tobaccos, enjoying mostly english blends with latakia.

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