Horn. Better photos.

Better photos of this reloaded old horn I did from a predrilled kit.


The story of this pipe:

It was my fifth pipe, two months ago and I didn’t had a driller and drills to do a pipe from 0 at that time.

It was an exercise to me, because the kit was oriented to do a long straight pipe, like a canadian, but the beautiful grain was claiming for a horn. I did my best to do it possible.

Tired of this kind of situations, I bought a vertical driller the next day after finishing it and I never used kits again.

A member of a pipe forum asked to me to buy this pipe. Then I decided to change the stem and do a new one. I also sanded and stained the pipe again.

The previous version of the pipe was looking like this:


Joan is smoking today Chacom Sport + Dunhill A21000

7 thoughts on “Horn. Better photos.

  1. Penso que Gus estarà encantadíssim amb aquesta pipa 🙂

    El canvi de la boquilla causa un gran efecte global sobre la pipa. Molt bon treball.

  2. Moltes gràcies! La pipa és per a l’Adolfo, per això.
    Per cert. Si no s’espatlla in between, he començat una pipa per a tu. Serà la primera en què treballo el broquet des de 0. Ebonita, metacrilat o cumberland? Estàs a temps de triar…

  3. Joan love both, but have to say that the “reloaded” version is much better by far, visually and aesthetically. I wish the owner a million of great smokes.

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