Tobacco reserve.

These are the tobaccos that I have at home right now.

I try not to have too much open cans at the same time. I only soke one or two pipes at day so I have to keep them carefully closed. And the best way I know is not to open them 🙂


-Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake (2 cans)

-Capstan Gold (1 can; I gave it to my neighbour yesterday with a pipe I did for him)

-Reiner blend n.71 Long Golden Flake (1 can)

-Escudo (1 can), Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bull’s eye Flake (50 gr)

-Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning (1 can)

-C&D Kajun Kake (1 can)

-Peretti Park Square (1 pipe remaining)

-Esoterica Tobacciana Penzance (1,5 cans)

-C&D Pirate Kake (1 can)

-C&D Mississippi Mud (1 can)

-Balkan Sasieni (1 can)

-Dunhill Standard Mixture (2 cans, one of them too old)

-Dunhill Early Morning (2 cans)

-Peterson Old Dublin (1 can).

Some samples from friends (they are trying to convince me that some aromatics are amazing, but it’s not working:

-Dunhill a-21000

-Nat Sherman 314.

-C&D Autumn Evening

-Peretti Black Virginia (the only one I enjoyed from them).

As you can see, I’m very classic on tobaccos, enjoying mostly english blends with latakia.

Two new pipes in my collection

I bought a new Stanwell Vintage dublin. It’s a cheap sandblasted pipe, but I like his old school look a lot. I bought it basically to add to my downstairs pipe group. Those are the pipes that I use while having a walk with the dog or walking in the country.


My friend Alex from Pipa Sibarita also gave me a very nice gift. This nice Prunoñosa pipe. These pipes where handmade by Bruto Sordini, artisan of Don Carlos, comissioned by Jordi Pruñonosa, with the brand of his tobacco shop in Barcelona.

viewer-5Joan is smoking right now: Markuz + Dunhill Early Morning

Markuz Lumberman

Another awesome gift I had for my birthday is a handmade Lumberman made by my friend Robert Markuz. I would like to link his website, but he’s a lazy man and he has not website yet so you can not admire his nice pipes.

I smoked it today for first time. It makes a lot of smoke as you can see in the picture:


Better pictures of this beautiful pipe:

68610_10200298079959162_831943247_n 262880_10200298079839159_1534906546_n

Joan is smoking: Markuz Lumberman + C&D Mississippi Mud.

Pipe smokers lunch in Barcelona

Today I have been in Barcelona in a lunch with some friends from the smoking pipes forum El rincón de la Pipa.

I had really great time with some old and new friends and tried some new tobaccos like Frog Morton.

Here in the photo, my friends Álex from Pipa Sibarita and Robert from Markuz Pipes.

Alex is smoking the ball shaped pipe I did few time ago.


Joan has been smoking today: Cantó Nosewarmer + McClelland Frog Morton on the Bayou.