Cantó Pipes bags.

My wife and her mother have been working hard to design and sew some bags for the pipes I make.

They are made from rough burlap but in the inside, there’s an inner layer of soft cotton fabric that caress the pipe. There’s a small tab with a catalan flag, because my pipes are very proud of where they come from. Maybe we do some changes on the design, but this is more or less how they will look:



The photo shows three pipes almost ready for delivering. Only the mark with the logo is missing. I oredered the tool to mark them, but it didn’t arrived yet. Hope it will arrive soon.

The apple nosewarmer will travel to Malta, the billiard will travel to Barcelona and the egg will be smoked in Bolivia.

Joan is smoking this night: Chacom Sport + Cornell & Diehl Mississippi Mud

2 thoughts on “Cantó Pipes bags.

  1. ¡Qué pena que no te haya llegado el logo! Espero conocerte un día y así se lo incluyes. Las bolsas están muy bien
    Danid (desde Bolivia)

  2. Si te parece bien, me espero a ver si me llega esta semana o la que viene, que es cuando se supone que me tiene que llegar y te la marco. Me hace ilusión porque es una de las tres primeras que marcaré. Si no me llega, te la mando en seguida, asegurándome que llega antes del 5 de febrero. Te parece bien?

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