Last pipes from 2013

I planned to finish the year with the dublin, but then I had some free days and a lot of energy and I had time to finish two more pipes.


This one was made for a friend of the pipe club of my city. I enjoyed this shape so much, so I’ll be happy to repeat it on the future.

The ring is made of pink ivory (despite the name, it’s an african wood).

Stem is, like usual, handmade from german ebonite. Love the grain on this one.



This one will be available for sale soon at Pipes Down Under, a pipe retailer from Australia with a nice selection of carvers from around the world.

This time, the ring is made from cumberland and I used it to break the sobriety of this pipe on shape and colors. This is a pipe I really enjoy.


And these are the last pipes I made during the year. It has been the year when I decided to take this hobby into something more serious, I set up a workshop, bought and built many instruments and machines and put many energy on pipe making, a truly passion.

Thank you for following!

Joan is smoking today a Butz Choquin Sweet with Davidoff Royalty.

3 thoughts on “Last pipes from 2013

  1. I encourage you to continue with your passion and your passion.

    I think you’re doing a great job and your handmade pipes are as beautiful as someone will wish.

    Go on and change your web’s subtitle, you’re not an apprentice, we all are.

    Hoping see you soon.

  2. I hope I can wait to that moment (I mean without drugs).

    If it is ready on next week you would make me the honor of smoke it for the first time in your grate company.

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