Sandblasted Zulu. First pipe of the year.

I think making a classic shape is a good way to start the year. I love zulus and I didn’t own any of them. I didn’t make any of them yet so it was time to put one of them in my workbench.

I think that the good think of a zulu are the discret but important curves on the shape so I sandblasted it, but very gently to be sure that the lines harmony was not broken. I choosed brownish colors because I wanted sobriety on it. I really like serious zulus!

I thought about a black ebonite stem and a wood insert, but then I received a new batch of cumberland from germany and discovered that this time, the cumberland looks more brown than red (I don’t know if it’s a mistake on the delivering or it’s just that this batch is less red). Anyway, it was perfect for my zulu so I discarded ebonite and put my hands on a rod of brownish cumberland.

Hope you like it. It’s one of my favorite pipes I made.

Today is flying to Nebraska, US.


Joan is smoking today Penzance on his new Cantó briar kiseru prototype (will post photos tomorrow, I’m testing it right now and it smokes like heaven).

2 thoughts on “Sandblasted Zulu. First pipe of the year.

  1. Joan my friend…you have created a perfect Zulu pipe in my eyes!! The fine details in the sandblasted briar to the stem work is flawless! I can’t believe how light this pipe really is. I also couldn’t be more happier with a pipe than the one I’m smoking this very minute!! I’ve got Penzance in her Bowl and I’m enjoying every puff 🙂 Thank you very much my friend. You are an extremely talented pipe maker and I wish you much success!!!


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