A dublin to stay at home. My 30th pipe.

I made this dublin to stay at my home as a shop pipe for testing a new stem material.

It’s as soft of the ebonite, but I’m still not decided to use it on pipes for sale. For the moment, I’m using it on my own pipes and on pipes for test.

I have not been able to give it a finish as smooth and shiny as the ebonite. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the material. I heard some comments from other carvers complaining about the same issue.

This is a shape I will repeat for sure on future pipes for sale. If I love it, probably more people will do it I guess.

BTW, this is my 30th pipe made and the 18th made during 2013.

I smoked it for first time with some Penzance I had stored and reserved for breaking in new pipes.


Joan is smoking today his new Cantó Pipe with ET Penzance.

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