My first Blowfish.

I tried to make my first blowfish. Just because I was bored. I took a piece of briar with nice grain and without a previous plan, I just started playing with the sand disk and with the dremel. It’s the first time that I make a plan without a previous design.

My wife is so disappointed with this pipe for two reasons. First of all, because she didn’t want it sandblasted and there was no reason to do it, but those rings were calling me like in the Lord of the Rings. The second reason is that for her, it doesn’t look like a pipe. I have to agree and I’m more comfortable with classic shapes, but it has been a good exercise and i had a lot of fun doing it. It has been so easy to work that way.

Would like to know your opinion about this way. Can it be a new line on the Cantó Pipes or do you think that better if I just stay on my old and more classic styles? It’s difficult to me to decide of it’s a nice pipe or not, I don’t have a big culture on organic, danish or japanese shape styles.



The stem is made from german ebonite and I stamped it with my name, but not woth the glasses logo, just in case I decide that this pipe doesn’t fit on my work lines.

Joan is smoking today Butera’s Royal Vintage Latakia n.1 on a Dirk Claessen pipe.

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