Red match. Small billiard.

I made a pipe for myself. Before my son was born I made pipe to celebrate it. One year after I made a pipe to smoke it the day of his birthday. It’s small and cute like him.

The mortise is into the stem instead of the stummel. With this, I want to reduce the friction on the thin and delicate shank.

Finished while listening Caetano Veloso.

Stem: vulcanite.
Lenght: 103mm
Height: 35 mm
Bowl width: 29 mm
Chamber diam.: 19 mm
Weight: 12g

Contact at:

match1 match2

Joan is smoking today Peretti Black Virginia on a Chacom Sport pipe.

2 thoughts on “Red match. Small billiard.

  1. hi,
    very cool! maybe its a year or so ago i asked you if there is a way to buy a 9mm pipe from you. if you remember that and are still willing i would be happy to hear from you…
    lovely pipes, really

  2. Hi. of course I remember it! As you can see, I didn’t make many pipes from then until now. It will be a pleasure to work on that chubby tomato you told me. What do you think about a reverse calabash with that shape? Send me an email and we can discuss it.

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