Zeppelin. First attempt of reverse calabash.

I wanted to try a reverse calabash system. I’m not very brave about new things, but I have to admit that I’m very curious about how this system smokes.

I took my time on designing (while having a coffee in a bar before a university class). Then I was ready to start on it. I selected a not very special ebauchon as I thought on the possibility that it would be just an attempt of a pipe (after that, I was soooo surprised of the amazing birdseye grain).


I had some limitations with my tools so I drilled the cooling chamber at 19mm diameter but then I was scared when I discovered that I didn’t have any ebonite or cumberland rod of this diameter or more for the stem. It was terrible when I discovered it after all the planning and design on this pipe I 🙂

Finally, I decided to add a cumberland ring inside, at the end of the cooling chamber, to reduce the diameter and another one to the stem and it fits really great, but I’m not happy with the little step (1mm) from the cooling chamber to the “mortise” ring. It won’t affect the smoking of this pipe but maybe it accumulates a bit of dirt after some time. It won’t happen again in the future 🙂

That’s the reason why, despite the incredible grain, I won’t sell this pipe and, probably I will keep it for me. At least, I also deserve some Cantó Pipes!

This is the first time I tried to work on a non ebonite or vulcanite stem. It was a preformed methacrylate that I modified a lot. It has not been that terrible!

I didn’t stained the briar. The ring is made from Zebrano. I really disliked to work with it, but it looks good at the end. Won’t be my last reverse calabash for sure. I enjoyed doing it a lot!

Finished while listening Beirut.

Stem: methacrylate.
Lenght: 130mm
Height: 60 mm
Bowl width: 42 mm
Chamber diam.: 22 mm
Weight: 68g

Contact at: info@joancanto.com

zeppelin1 zeppelin2

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