Sandblasted rhodesian and old school billiard.

Two pipes that I finished some weeks ago. I didn’t have the chance to take proper photos of them until now. Being father of a baby is a hard job and doesn’t give you many free time.

The rhodesian is sandblasted and it was the first time that I tried to give some contrast to a sandblasted pipe.

Mouthpiece made from a german ebonite rod and spanish briar from Bruken. The insert in the stem is made from pink ivory.


The billiard is a comissioned pipe. I enjoyed a lot making this one. Inspired by the oval shanked shape 44 from the early years of Dunhill (this shape evolved towards a canadianish shank with the years, but during the early years was a billiard). For the dimensions it would be considered a group 4. For me, it’s so big as pipe.

Stem made from german ebonite rod and shank insert of pink ivory. Spanish briar.


Joan is smoking today Butera’s Royal Vintage Latakia n1 in a MM corn cob.

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