Frodo in Mordor liverpool.


I made this liverpool shaped pipe on assignment for a tobacco blender in US.

He wanted a tiny pipe qith a dark sandblasting.

This is also my second attempt on sandblasting and, in fact, my first sandblasted finished pipe.

I called it Frodo in Mordor because it’s tiny (15 gr.) and with the dark staining and the erosion of the sandblast, it remembers me the dark days that the hobbit spent in Mordor.

It has really thin walls so this is the kind of pipes that I only do when somebody order they, because thay can be a bomb in untrained hands. Personally, I love to smoke viriginias on them, because thay force me a slow and calmed smoke session to keep it not to hot.

I have the impression that sandblasting and thin walls also make them cool faster when they are hot. But maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, I precoated the chamber, like I did on my own tiny billiard before. Just to be safer.

The client is a great smoker so I’m not really afraid in this case 🙂

The mouthpiece is handmade from german cumberland and I’m particulary happy with it, because I’m starting being comfortable with the development of my own line for stem buttons.

Finished while listening to Debussy’s First Arabesque.

Stem: handmade german cumberland.
Lenght: 106mm
Height: 32 mm
Bowl width: 30 mm
Chamber diam.: 19 mm
Weight: 15g

Contact at:

Joan is smoking today Middle Earth Tobacco’s Gondor blend on a maltese pipe without brand.

2 thoughts on “Frodo in Mordor liverpool.

  1. this is a lucky man and you too as you are so talented. go on sandblasting and making such outstanding pipes. i would smoke union square in it 🙂

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