I’m not a big fan of the poker shape, specially those rusticated chubby american ones that are so popular these days.

Anyway, I wanted to make a poker because I had a piece of briar that was claiming for it or for a horn. I made more horns than pokers so the decision was taken.

After making it I can say that I’m happy with the result.

I like how big it looks and at the same time how light it is (30 g.)

I made a new system to fix the pipe during the stamping of the name and brand so I expect better results on it from now.

I made my markers at Grabados Omella in Barcelona and I’m not happy with the result. They had to repeat them once and they still doesn’t work well. Still, I asked them for finding a solution to fix, replace or making new ones and they just ignored me.

The stem is handmade from a roll of red and black german cumberland.

Finished while listening Electric Six.


Stem: hand cutted german cumberland.
Lenght: 120mm
Height: 73 mm
Bowl width: 28 mm
Chamber diam.: 22 mm
Weight: 29g

Contact at:

poker1 poker2

Joan is not smoking today because he’s still with a big flu.

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