Small pumpkin

Finally it’s cold in my land. To celebrate the autumn and the beginning of cold and foggy days, I wanted to make this small “pumpkin” tomato shape.

I like how the grain goes around the round shape, like the lines of a pumpkin.

The stem is handmade from a roll of german ebonite.

Finished while listening Tchaikovsky’s Overture 1812, Op. 49.

Price: 200€ / 272$

Stem: hand cutted german ebonite.
Lenght: 110mm
Height: 41 mm
Bowl width: 43 mm
Chamber diam.: 22 mm
Weight: 37g

Contact at:

pumpkin1 pumpkin2

Joan is smoking today Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake on a Don Carlos 2 notes pipe.

2 thoughts on “Small pumpkin

  1. Me gusta especialmente esta pipa, Joan. Cómo ha quedado configurado el grano me parece original y la boquilla un acierto. Enhorabuena.

    Juan Francisco

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