First pipes for sale.

I didn’t post anything since january, and being honest, I have been so busy but not on pipes. Being father of a cute baby is a tough job 🙂

During the last months I have been learning how to make my own mouthpieces from rods. The pipe makers Dirk Claessen and Rafa Martin have been helping me a lot with this and other aspects of pipe making. I think I will be in debt with them for a long time for sure! Some pictures from when I visited them some months ago:

Rafa Martín:

rafamartin copia

Dirk Claessen:

claessen1 copia

So I have many pipes in progress right now and also more mouthpieces unfinished (some of them ruined, I must admit). But during these months I kept working and learning.

I finished my 18 pipe so I’m kind of adult right now 🙂 Also, it has been one year since I started learning how to make pipes and now I can make a complete pipe without using premade parts.

When people asked me about buying one of my pipes I always said that they were not good enough yet to sell and also I was not comfortable about selling them before making my own mouthpieces.

There’s still a lot to learn and to improve. I still think that my pipes are not as good as I would like, but I think I crossed the line and I can announce it:

My pipes are for sale from now.

I will post the two ready for sale in the next two posts.

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