Work in Progress. Burning stack.

I just finished right now the pipe I was working on.

I stained and polished it today. I wanted a base of traditional brown and then adding some soft oranges and yellows as reminiscence of fire. Then I kept the top of the pipe showing the irregular surface of the plateaux and painted it very dark. I like to imagine that the pipe is burning from the top, and slowly disppearing. So it looks like a broken or burnt stack but it has more the size of a billiard.

I’ll post better photos tomorrow in my photo studio, but for now, there are two instagrams I took while I was working on it.

viewer-3 viewer-4BTW, after finishing it, I decided to celebrate it with some penzance in my virigin Meerschaum lattiice.

Joan is smoking right now: Meerschaum real lattice Lubinski + Esoterica Tobacciana Penzance.


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